What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Partition Wall?

Spatial features are very important in selection. Boss and general manager rooms are places where rather important issues are discussed. For this reason, the voices of the employees in these rooms are not wanted to be heard, and a special emphasis is placed on keeping them within the boundaries of the room for special issues.

For such spaces (rock wool) insulated partition walls and double glazed partition walls are selected. Fully-filled, Fully-glazed, semi-glazed partition wall types are used in other divisions. Partition systems in open office divisions, separators are used and the employees see each other when they stand up. In large meeting rooms, the situation is a little more complicated. Here, heating-ventilation/air conditioning and evacuation in emergencies are definitely taken into consideration. However, it should also be ensured that what is spoken could be heard by everyone.

For this reason, sound acoustics are very important in these places and sound acoustics should be given importance in the selection of wall coverings and acoustic calculations should be made.