Single Glass Minimal System Application

Single glazed partition walls are preferred because they are more economical and easier to install. They are generally manufactured as 10 mm tempered glass. Since it is a single glass, there is no possibility of blinds. Instead, it can be covered with a film in the form of a strip up to 130-140 cm by leaving 30-40 cm space from the bottom.

It is possible to apply this in different sizes and shapes. If the establishment is desired to speed up and road expenses are taken into account, first the profiles are laid in accordance with the project, and the door frames are placed in the system in accordance with the project. Glass dimensions are taken and ordered. When the glasses come from the glass factory, they are installed. If the glasses are used as 4+4 or 5+5 non-tempered laminated, the installation can be completed immediately, except for the door glass, and only door glasses are waited for.

Different options can be obtained with glass qualities in single-glass systems. For example, sound insulation can be achieved by using acoustic laminated glass. although it is not as much as double glass, sound insulation up to 38 DB is possible. If quality is required on glass, extra clear glass can be used. When acoustic glass is used, if the partition wall is installed on raised floor, a sound barrier with a width of 10 cm under the floor and a sound barrier with rock wool filling should be created on the ceiling where it is above the partition walls. In this case, it will be beneficial to manufacture glass doors as double glazed structural.

When you want to create an acoustic system, it is necessary to take additional measures in glass doors, put sound insulation wick on the door frames and install sound barriers under the doors. The point to be considered in all partition walls; accessory brand choice. There are companies that have a say in this regard in the world. By using the arm, lock and hinges of these brands, malfunctions are minimized, thus eliminating the need for service due to accessory malfunctions. Apart from these issues, our architects may request the aluminum profiles to be painted with electrostatic powder paint in various colors in order to be compatible with other units in decoration. If we ask if this is right, it is to make acoustic calculations for the whole recommended system.

You can get rid of unnecessary thickness when the acoustic calculations are made on the partition walls. In addition, glass thicknesses in double-glazed systems may not be equal as a result of the calculation (8 mm + 6 mm). Even according to the calculation result; in some offices, you may need to use glass selections as 4+4, 5+5, 6+6 mm laminated glass. These glasses can be manufactured as tempered or grungy. In addition, acoustic laminated glasses specially manufactured for the same thickness can be used.