Movable Partition Wall Systems

Movable partition walls are the easiest and fastest way to create reserved partitions most preferred in restaurants, hotels and office partition designs. Movable partition systems are used in more and more workspaces. Movable partitions are modules or panels made up of independent parts that can be moved by means of guides or rails. They function to temporarily divide an office or any indoor space, but unlike other types of partitions, movable partition walls are supported from the ceiling. Installation is simple and easier to use.

The partitions are not fixed, which means they can be removed when they are not needed and can be reinstalled when necessary. Therefore, movable partition wall systems are one of the best options to update any space according to need.

Movable partition wall features the pallets are fixed to the ceiling and do not constitute any obstruction on the floor. Specially designed suspended ceilings are used for movable partition wall placement. There are many materials, colors and decoration options. Many different combinations can be made, from glazed concrete sections to movable doors. There are different fixing types for the installation of movable partitions in all types of areas. Profiles can be hidden according to need. It can be easily managed and transported by following simple indicators.

One of the biggest advantages offered by movable partition walls is that they are versatile when serving a specific area. The layout is not limited and gives you the freedom to change it to current needs. It provides temporary and personalized solutions for everyone and provides more usage areas. In addition to ease of use, moving the partition wall does not require great effort. Movable walls can be produced from a wide variety of materials and the choice of models is wide.

It is easy to adapt to the space and aesthetically, other features of the space do not coincide. While it enables the creation of different sections that take into account the needs of each area, a passage door can be created when necessary. Some types of movable partitions have the ability to acoustically insulate each of the partitions separated by the wall. This not only transforms the space but also provides privacy.

Altınbölme movable partition walls can be classified according to different properties, direction, usage or material.

One-way panels:

Panels are designed in such a way that the movable walls can be moved in one direction by means of the rails on the ceiling. They are often used to divide a room in two and can be stored by folding them towards the corners of the space.

Versatile panels:

These partition walls make it possible to divide the space in any direction because each module changes position independently or can be hidden. This type of partition makes it possible to take full advantage of the space in a room, not only because of its versatility, but also because it can be stored in a place previously designed for this purpose.


These movable walls are filled with materials such as mineral wool that provide acoustic insulation.

Wooden partition:

It is a classic material used in movable partitions. This material has many different types of pods that can be manufactured and is offered at a very competitive price.

Glass partition:

The best part of using glass in partition panels is that it is highly resistant and makes it possible to benefit more from daylight. Glass panes are aesthetically the most modern, contemporary and minimalist. Using a movable partition wall system in any area allows you to create more than one area of ​​use in your space without modification or permanent replacement. It allows you to adapt any space to your needs simply, movable wall systems, partition wall models, practically and quickly. If you think you need movable partition systems, contact us to find out what we can do for your concept.