Doors and Accessories in Partition Walls

Wooden doors or glass doors are used in partition walls. Wooden doors can be manufactured in many types such as chipboard, MDFLam, laminate veneer, natural wood veneer, CNC engraved jointed or lacquer. Glass doors can be manufactured as 10 mm tempered single glass as well as double glass 8+6 mm tempered.

Which one to use depends on the feature of the place to be used. In a place where sound insulation is required on the partition wall, naturally, sound insulation wicks are used in the doors and sound insulation barriers are used under the wings. Barriers lift up when the door is opened and fall down when closed, isolating the sound. Partition walls can be used for years once installed.

There are no mechanical parts on them and so it does not require maintenance. On the other hand, handles, locks and hinges used in doors may fail over time. For this, partition wall companies try to eliminate the malfunction and the need for service by purchasing their door accessories from world-famous brands.