Healthcare industry solutions

In Health Solutions, Hospital, Clinic, Polyclinic etc. It offers special and qualified solutions in all areas where hygiene is important   In its 33-year history, Altın Bay has provided 360 degree solutions in many hospitals, clinical and city hospital projects, including ceiling coating, wall covering, partition systems, and photocell doors. It offers alternative solutions with modern look and technological systems in the formation of hygienic areas with Glass coating - wooden cladding in interior walls, columns and doors. AltınBölme makes wall, ceiling coverings, project implementation by bringing together products of hygienic areas such as clean and hygienic rooms in hospitals by using HPL and compact laminate technology AltınBölme offers designs such as bed headboards and in-room furniture solutions as well as common area fixed furniture and corridor coverings.. Also it produces patient reception desks and direction desks in hospital furniture solutions and designs special products to create qualified useful areas. Providing cubicle system solutions in hospital toilet cabinets and counter areas, Hospital, Clinic, Polyclinic Solutions, Hygienic Room, the AltınBölme makes wet area wall coverings and offers anti-bacterial solutions by using hpl and compact laminate technology. Hospital doors - AltınBölme offers solution in wooden patient room doors and photocell doors and makes qualified applications.  AltınBölme does not prefer saying that “We do this in hospital projects - we do not do this” We have delivered many hospital projects. we say we can do better. 


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