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Modular Office Partition

AltınBölme offers products and systems to additional value in the entire department, from the management areas of the factories to the work areas. AltınBölme offers solutions with modular office partition systems in the management offices of the factories, has glass to glass systems that offer special details with qualified product solutions suitable for the creation of acoustic areas, management areas, and has provided modular partition solutions in many factories. AltınBölme offers many personalized solutions within the factory offices, welcome counter - customer waiting areas - meeting areas - wall covering girder and ceiling covering systems, which make wooden applications and furniture design projects in the management offices of the factories and customer reception offices.  It offers solutions in the areas of special fixed furniture and glass covering wall covering used in the creation of factory showroom areas. AltınBölme factory toilets offering solutions in staff usage areas in the factory, using compact laminate systems in factory stafff shower areas and making glass shower cabin areas, locker cabinets solutions and locker cabin solutions.Factory Systems, Factory Management Office, Modular Office Partition Systems, Providing acoustic solutions in meeting rooms of factories, training rooms and conference halls, the golden partition offers mobile partition systems solutions.

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