Our Vision

Our vision with our service experience of nearly 34 years, modern and aesthetic designs, new generation innovative projects and perfect application techniques, it is our main motto to increase our position among the leading distributors of the industry and to have a quality identity on a global scale. With the reliability we inherited and the strength of our experience; we take pride in taking firm steps forward on our journey with the vision of increasing the projects and applications of our innovative, creative and modern interior building designs to a level that will adapt to the dynamics brought by the industry, to respond to special designs with different perspectives and to become a brand with a signature in happy living spaces.

Our company profile open to innovation and change; we work to take part in projects that will carry our name beyond the borders of the country, with our services that we modernized by blending our culture and values, and our team spirit believes that power borns from unity. With our service and R&D studies based on quality and customer satisfaction, we are taking firm steps to keep the name of Altınbölme alive and reflect the elegance of the spaces by following the speed of change in the industry, working on projects that will always improve, update and always produce better.


Our Mission

Our mission with our contemporary, modern, aesthetic and economic service policy, we have met the expectations of the sector since 1988 and bringing the spaces to eye-catching and ergonomic sections with our personalized designs and productions.

Our biggest mission is to produce solutions that will appeal to every expectation and taste, to direct our work by following the innovations brought by the industry and to create useful work and living spaces where peace prevails. We aim to exist in this industry in order to design projects that will keep up with the needs of our customers, business partners and the industry; execute flawless production and applications, to be a leading brand that is always the pioneer of innovation, to create modern and livable spaces, to maximize our name and position in every activity. Inspired by the power of teamwork, we work to produce quality work, to carry out customer satisfaction-oriented services with the awareness of our corporate responsibility, to always produce high standards with our company profile, open to change and development, and we take all the necessary steps meticulously in order to be accepted in the world market.