Frequently Asked Questions About Partition Walls, Glass and Wood Partitions for Offices

Asked Questions About Partition Walls, Glass for Offices and Wooden Partitions

You can read some of the most frequently asked questions about new design and modern glass partitions, wooden partitions, removable partitions and wall partitions for offices.

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Partition Systems

1-            What are the properties of glass partitions?

Glass partitions have basic architectural lines, variety of uses with definable features.

2-            How is the sound insulation performance of glass partitions?

 Double-layer glass partitions have a very high soundproofing feature and its maintain transparency. They are produced from carefully selected materials to provide comfort and functionality in the workplaces.

3-            What are the project-related constraints of your office furniture and decoration products, do you design office partitions for special needs?

Altınbölme product portfolio has designs that are transparent and aesthetically concealed without vertical support columns, and are designed in such a way that there are no limitations in many respects.

4-            Which surfaces can be used glass partitions and wooden partitions?

A space created with wood and glass materials is always cozy. Wooden partitions produced by Altınbölme are combined with the most modern functions in offices, sales areas and floor offices.

5-            What segment do fixed partition materials and modular partitions?

Our products customize your office partition or recessed wall partitions.

Also, Altınbölme design team, which develops various applications according to each architectural project, offers economical solutions by optimizing materials. Glass partitions are new generation products created by Altınbölme. We focus on controlling costs by optimizing setup times. the system allows glass panels to be attached with plug-in profiles.

6-            What kind of doors do you use on your products?

 Glass partitions are compatible with all types of doors produced by Altınbölme. We manufacture glass doors, typical office doors with sliding, flat glass sides or frames, wooden or vertical swing doors.

7-            What kind of glasses are used in your partitions?

Altınbölme partition system has its own profile solutions, using tempered or layered glass partitions with forms from 8 mm to 16 mm thick, both single-pane and double-pane. It provides soundproofing and maximum flexibility.

8-            What is the delivery and installation time of the glass partitions?

Our systems are designed for quick installation. we have shorter than delivery times compared to current standards with maximum optimization.

9-            How should the wall equipment be in the interior partitions?

Interior glass partitions are designed to provide total integration of both fixed and glass partition systems with containment systems. The assembly sections are designed to be customized down to the last detail. Partition walls can be changed to create a great look and functionality.

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