Efficiency in Offices: Why Sound Insulation and Acoustics Matter?

The use of various materials in office equipment offers designers opportunities for originality and innovation. Let's take a closer look at acoustics and sound insulation in office design composition to create inspiring workplaces that satisfy the three main senses in visual, tactile and auditory comprehension. 2 billion bits of data enter in our minds every second, but we can only process 2 million of them.

 We also filter this processed data in different ways. That's why people react differently to their surroundings, some focusing more on the look of the place, some on the feel of the materials, and some on the sounds around them. Silence has become almost a luxury necessity today. The number of people who are disturbed by the irrelevant noise in modern offices, due to their job or character, and whose productivity is falling, is increasing. Open offices, designed with the idea of ​​promoting movable partition cooperation and communication, have advantages such as natural light, spaciousness and sociability, but the irrelevant noise that appears as a side effect of productivity in such large offices, according to some foreign studies, disturbs more than half of the employees and negatively affects their productivity.

In noisy offices, employees may lose concentration on their work, and may look for a job that can be done outside the office at every opportunity. All unwanted noise in offices is not noise. A very quiet office can also be annoying, so the acoustic levels in the workplace and office culture will depend on the type of activities being carried out. Good acoustic office design should provide solutions to sound insulation and diffuse resonance by using materials that absorb excessive noise, reduce disturbances from unwanted conversations, allow privacy for private phone calls, and enable employees to better focus on complex, concentrated tasks to increase communication between teams.

Movable wall what is expected of an acoustic office is to create various workspaces, partitions and meeting rooms where employees can speak and work without having to raise their voices. Employee efficiency the variety of materials in office furniture and partitions can help you create spaces that affect health and productivity. Hard floor surfaces and open office environments absorb less sound, but insulation on floors reduces echo; The use of materials such as carpets, flooring made of natural fabrics, vinyl floors help to minimize noise. Various furniture and materials can be used to block the sound. High performance acoustic ceiling tiles are essential in combating poor workplace acoustics. Most frequency sound can also be absorbed by various materials such as portable storage units made of felt, shelves. In more noisy environments, the sound can also be reduced by using physical barriers.

Partition walls and panels made with insulation materials can be used for sound insulation even in an open office. Freestanding room partition screens made with sound-absorbing materials to distribute sound in open spaces can help reduce sound waves. For a spacious feel, walls made of glass can be used instead of opaque materials to provide transparency and light without sacrificing acoustic privacy. Placing the printers in a closed, glass enclosure reduces noise, preserves aesthetics, and gives employees the opportunity to see what's going on and be inspired. Creating a multi-layered office design with multiple working modes is possible, for example, by designing areas where noisy behaviors are considered more appropriate.

Customer private meeting rooms, reservation rooms, office libraries, soundproof partitions and acoustic partitions are such areas. Many employees feel that a lively, open office filled with the voices of colleagues has a positive and uplifting effect on their business projects, while others feel that office noise interferes with business ability and productivity. If you are thinking of designing an acoustic office in your workplace that will help your employees to be happier and more productive, we will listen to your project with pleasure. Call us to reveal what we can do in the design of the most suitable partition and office furniture for your business and employees.