Airports Solutions

We are designing and applying many areas such as Stores in Airports - Wet areas - Wall coverings - Routing partitions and doors as AltınBölme.  In order to create isolated areas, our transparent modular glass partition systems come together with modern look to divide the spaces and create multi-purpose usage areas.  Providing solutions that provide integrity with glass coating-wood coating and furniture coating systems in walls and columns, AltınBölme pushes the boundaries of today's technology and architectural designs, continues its R&D activities for the better and perfection. It offers solutions for fixed furniture areas by designing fixed furniture and specially designed wooden products in common and wide areas of use at airports and combining the right materials and complementary products in accordance with the fully personalized concept. Apart from standard systems in WC toilet and cubicle systems used in airports in wet areas, it offers qualified solutions with mechanical and photocell cubicle toilet cabin systems that are opened untouched by human hands. Apart from the WC cubicles used in airports, it designs and produces and implements bench and direction boards with compact laminate materials. We can produce solutions with movable partition systems of areas for intensity and orientation at airports, and can apply a movable partition system up to 9 meters in height, it can produce mechanical or automatic solutions with not only wooden but also fabric movable partition systems and glass movable partition systems.  Airports Solutions, Directing partitions, Wet area areas, Access control systems at airports and separators used in positioning and directing these systems provide solutions with the formation of seating areas and photocell doors with AltınBölme systems and a product range with additional vision. 

Product Groups