At your discretion, Altınbölme lockers provides lockers with glass or compact laminate technology or with panels produced with HPL, MDF or CDF technology. Lockers are fire-resistant and antibacterial; with unique areas of usage and design, and focused on solutions that are not aimed to be different but to be completely personalized.

We could produce lockers customized with different types and size, specialized for your project. We could provide the option of separating the producing of the body and the door, or alternatively more affordable and aesthetic solutions.

You can completely forget the Standards with Altınbölme Locker Cabinet systems. Leave aside old steel cabinets, profiled thin cabinets with cover, standardized 2-and-3-door cabinets and all cabinet systems that are used as a tool, not for the purpose that does not produce solutions. Contact us for the purpose-built lockers that appeal to the area of use, the sector, and the person, that meet the pandemic conditions.