Altınbölme Bench systems are the right choice not only in wet areas but also in laboratory benches and disinfectant areas.

EN Classification: CGS - CGF EN 438-4

These are compact laminate panels produced by HPL production technique and whose thickness is determined   by increasing the amount of kraft paper. Compact laminate panels, thanks to their superior qualities, can be used in schools, gyms, hospitals, airports, shopping malls' washbasin benches    and laboratory benches. It is the most accurate material to be used. Thanks to its high technology, it is resistant to impacts, fire, water and moisture. In addition to these features, it does not rot, does not contain bacteria and can be easily cleaned. Rich color options and different surface alternatives provide users with a wide variety of application possibilities. Yüksek teknolojisi sayesinde darbelere, yangına, suya ve neme dayanıklıdır. Bu özelliklerinin yanı sıra çürümez, bakteri barındırmaz ve kolaylıkla temizlenebilir.Zengin renk seçenekleri ve farklı yüzey alternatifleri kullanıcılara çok çeşitli uygulama imkanı sunar.