Movable Partition Wall

Alnowall consists of independent modules that slide with roller bearings in a rail fixed to the ceiling. This system does not require non-aesthetic floor parts or floor joints. When closed, it aligns perfectly and is soundproof. The sliding motion is provided by one or two bearings and high-strength rollers. Each module consists of a metal frame covered with 16/18 mm thick wooden panels. These modules can be completed with a wide variety of coatings. The threshold profiles that provide the insulation at the bottom and top of the module are manually operated with the mechanism in the vertical profiles. Rubber seals on the threshold profiles ensure that the modules are closed between the rail and the floor. The last module of the system is a telescopic module that slides sideways and closes the system horizontally, movable partition wall, it is operated manually or electronically with a remote located in the starter module.

Alnowall can replace all modules except the telescopic module, without compromising the functionality of the system, wooden partition, by door modules of various sizes and types. Wall partition systems, Alnowall produces ideal solutions for the division of spaces by providing excellent sound insulation in spaces higher than 10 meters.

As it is known, large meeting spaces are needed in places such as hotel, hospital, university, cultural center, wedding hall, theater hall, opera house and company headquarters where people gather together with various activities. In these buildings with high investment costs, taking into account the future needs, general meeting areas are designed and put into service under the names of conference hall, meeting hall, theater, opera, wedding hall.

Partition wall when designing these halls, whether a speech is made or a concert is given with various instruments, an acoustic calculation is needed to ensure that the sound does not scatter, tinnitus, and reach every point of the area equally.

Acoustic calculation of a conference hall. You can hear the sound on the stage equally throughout the room. Since the halls are designed for general needs, when different activities are at the same time, they are divided into general acoustic values and made to respond to smaller two, three and more divisions. Here, we call the materials we use to temporarily create these divisions and to restore them to their original position when the event is over, called movable partition wall for short.

Moveable Wall

Movable office partition walls in terms of the physical features of which they are manufactured; roughly, aluminum profile is covered with protective materials such as chipboard and MDFlam, except that materials that provide sound insulation are lined in a frame carcass. panels. These panels are arranged side by side to obtain a temporary fixed wall.

Ballroom construction site of a hotel. H = 6.6 m. 2 double winged doors after this rough definition, let's examine it technically. The panels move successively on a rail above. This rail is fixed by hanging on a steel construction. There are registers moving up and down on the bottom and top faces of the panels.

The panels are moved one after the other between two walls and the sleds are they are fixed to the ground and to each other by upward movement. Thus, when the last panel is locked, a stable sound insulation wall is obtained. The width of the panels varies between 80-110 cm. Its height can be from 2.4 m to 12 m.

We have manufactured the highest 9,45 m to date. Our moveable wall are used in more than 100 hotels, hospitals, conference and wedding halls of our country. To give an example for better understanding, movable partitions can be used on the ground under the 25 m wide space cage ceiling, and can become 8-10 sections in an area of 1000 m2, each of which becomes a lecture class, and when requested, all panels are gathered in the parking lot of the space. The projects that have been turned into are carried out. The outer surfaces of the movable partition walls are shaped according to the demands of the architects who design.

Some of the panels are covered with embroidered lathed surfaces manufactured by furniture makers, as well as projects where they are covered with mirror and decorative surfaces made of stainless steel sheet are made. Designing architects decide this. Movable partition walls are generally manufactured in the range of 45-57 dB. Separate interior combinations are required for each dB, this is determined according to the acoustic calculation.

Manufacturing types of movable partition walls: 

a. Manual (Fixing of manually moved panels to the ground is provided by a cam mechanism or jack.) Our manual movable partition wall application in a hotel.

b. Semi-Automatic (The system in which the panel slides are moved by the electric motor and the panels are locked with devices that have magnet properties) Semi-automatic movable and glass partition wall.

c. Fully Automatic (These are the systems where the panels are taken with the chain mechanism on the panel panels and then arranged sequentially with the same mechanism and turned into a fixed wall.) We still manufacture manually and semi-automatically. Fully automatic systems are manufactured in the world, but we cannot say that they are preferred because of their very high costs.

Manual systems are manufactured with full or glass on both sides due to the internal mechanism systems. These systems are manufactured using jumbo glasses up to a height of 6 m. A semi-automatic 15 m wall can be opened and collected in a maximum of 1.5-2 minutes. While the movable partition walls are fully closed, passages are made with single or double wing doors. In some enterprises, it is manufactured as fire resistant (30'-60') due to the regulations. In this case, panel surfaces are made of fire-resistant materials, and fire-resistant varnish is applied on them.

We always try to support our architects and project offices in their designs. We provide drawing support in projects with preliminary exploration and drawings.

Movable Partition Wall Bringing the office and working areas to your dreams, transforming them into a spacious, decent and functional space, is now more economical, faster and easier thanks to partition applications. Thanks to the partition systems we designed in line with corporate and individual needs, we create flexible workspaces and implement Partition Systems applications that will use the space efficiently. Thanks to the wall partition panels that we can design in modules to keep up with the new design and variability, you will be able to save space and gain the advantages of providing individual service within the group. With wall partition systems that we can design in line with the desired dimensions with their light and ergonomic structures, we make the working environment of corporate areas such as offices, hospitals, hotels and banks more aesthetically and architecturally attractive. Partition wall systems, which we apply with the help of glass and panels, by making use of the support of aluminum profiles, create a connection between the floor and the ceiling, and we apply them as movable partition wall or fixed glass partition wall systems. Partition systems, which are an effective method for creating new environments that will save space in a short time, with low cost, also offer the opportunity to be transformed into different designs or canceled with the functionality they offer. While movable partition wall systems provide the advantage of flexible use in offices thanks to their opening and closing modular structures, they also provide floors for the creation of temporary individual spaces. You can meet our designs of quality, economical, decorative and at the same time aesthetic partition systems so you can make room for your style that will reflect you in your office.


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