System thickness 100 mm

Joint detail perfect 6 mm joint horizontally and vertically

System weight Approx 35 kg / m2

 Dimensions units of special width and length depending on the architectural design concept (standard single piece unit size max. 1.000 x 3.000 (h) mm)

Construction for vertical wall organization, slotted galvanized steel stud (DIN EN 10327. DIN EN 10143) or aluminum standard (EN 15088)

Galvanized steel floor and ceiling profile (DIN EN10327, DIN EN 101143), or aluminum floor and ceiling profile (EN 15088).

Glass Unit 9mm slim aluminum with frameless glass effect assembled in a factory environment framed monoblock unit single glazed 6 mm flat / tempered / laminated glass aligned to the edge of the glass profile Double glazed 2x4 mm, 2x6 mm or 4 + 6 mm flat / tempered / laminated glass

 Glass surface sanded glass, patterned sand glass, film coated glass, painted glass, extra clear glass

Aluminum surface E6 / EV1 natural anodized, colored anodized or electrostatic powder painting in the desired RAL color (75 micron)

 Jalousie 25 mm wide horizontal stripes centered between 2 glasses with manual or electric control

Full panel 18 mm chipboard or MDF formaldehyde emission class E1 (optional B1 class MDF or A1 class special plate)

 Solid panel surface natural wood veneer, melamine, HPL laminate, fabric, painted surface glass, steel aluminum, magnetic, lacquer, projection screen, 3D or acoustic surface

Insulation 60 mm rock wool, density 52 kg / m3 (A1 class) wall Wooden or glass hanging shelves, writing board, magnetic panel, integrated cabinet system with wall organization door frame 2.4 mm thick 25 mm aluminum frame hand assembled in the factory beforehand door unit (fitted on the door leaf and lock)

 Door leaf wooden door leaf or glass door leaf. Wooden door leaf 40 mm wooden door leaf (natural wood, HPL laminate, MD Flam coated or lacquered) with natural polished on hardwood leaf edges Glass door leaf 10 or 12 mm tempered glass door leaf or 5 + 5 mm laminated tempered glazed door leaf

 Door accessories it varies according to the architectural design concept and the security levels determined for the space (standard barrel lock, stainless steel or aluminum door handle). Profile clipping the glass profile with the stud and the door profile with the post are clipped to each other.

Ground adjustment a steel floor adjuster is used.

Partition wall concept the location (school, hospital, office, hotel & restaurant, bank, congress & meeting area) varies according to the function.

Option it can be used as a separator system that does not need any steel carrier system on the partition wall to the ceiling.

Alnoplan D100 system is a 100 mm thick single or double glazed sound insulation joint wall system. For a more aesthetic appearance and maximum transparency in the environment, the frame is minimized. The slim appearance of the system creates a minimal design effect. Manual or electrically controlled blinds can be placed inside the double-glazed frame. Alnoplan D100 offers an elegant slim frame to offices. Clip-on steel stud joints used in glass-to-glass profile joints and glass door joints create a rigid frame and provide high sound insulation. There is always a perfect 6 mm joint between the units and the glass profiles are clipped along the entire edge, thus creating a system with perfect joints in the whole structure.