Glass Doors

Door frames are manufactured from specially formed aluminum profile with a wall thickness of 2-3 mm. The cases have a telescopic structure that can be adjusted according to the thickness of the wall and have aluminum moldings. Aluminum cases can be manufactured as electrostatic RAL painted or natural matte anodized.

Special door seal slot, sliding glass door models, hinge seat and corner joints in aluminum cases are suitable for connecting with fittings at 45 degrees. Glass wing to aluminum adjustable door frame should be made with 8-10-12 mm thick tempered, grinded glass depending on the size. glass doors, optional for glass doors; lock-press arm with barrel, pipe handle-door closer built into the floor, glass door hinges are placed in special holes to be opened before tempering in the door glass.

All glass door accessories are made of stainless steel. (The price of glass door with aluminum adjustable frame does not include accessories. According to the customer's preference, glass door models, the price of accessories is given separately).