Aluminum Framed Wooden Doors

Door frames are manufactured from specially formed aluminum profile with a wall thickness of 2-3 mm. The cases have a telescopic structure that can be adjusted according to the wall thickness and have aluminum moldings. Aluminum cases can be manufactured as electrostatic RAL painted or natural matte anodized.

Special door seal slot, hinge seat and corner joints in aluminum cases are suitable for connecting with fittings at 45 degrees. Pressed door leaf thickness is minimum 42mm. All bay windows (4 sides) are covered with a special aluminum C profile, making them resistant to impacts and water-moisture.

Edge bay windows can also be covered with PVC tape in line with customer demand. Instead of laminate wings, glass wings can be attached to the aluminum adjustable door frame. Glass sash should be made with 8-10-12mm thick tempered, grinded glass depending on its size.